Aspen Fuels now available at Lloyd Ltd branches

Our Parts Departments at Lloyd Ltd Carlisle, Penrith, Kelso and Alnwick now stock Aspen fuel for purchase in convenient 1-litre and 5-litre containers.  Bulk quantities are available on request.

At those branches we also use Aspen in all of our machinery servicing for the following reasons:

- 1: Most modern pump fuels now contain ethanol, which is very destructive to the fuel system in your garden machinery.

- 2: Aspen is storage-stable for 5 years, which means your machines start easier and perform better even after long period of storage.

- 3: Aspen is a superior quality fuel and emits 99% less toxic emissions. We care about our
service staff and our customers, so always choose Aspen.

- 4: Less emissions = better for the environment and a much more pleasant working environment.

- 5: Aspen 2 is ready-mixed with the highest quality 2-stroke oil resulting in optimum protection and machinery life for all your 2-stroke machinery.

Prices are:
- Aspen 2-stroke fuel - 5 litres: £16.65 + VAT
- Aspen 4-stroke fuel - 1 litre: £3.99 + VAT
- Aspen 4-stroke fuel - 5 litres: £16.25 + VAT

Contact your local Lloyd Ltd Parts Department today:

Alnwick - 01665 511930

Carlisle - 01228 517100

Kelso - 01573 227400

Penrith - 01768 863 806