Crawler Excavators

From Lloyd Ltd’s branches in the North East – Newcastle and Bishop Auckland, whose area stretches down to the M62 in Yorkshire and across to Hull – we sell and maintain Doosan’s range of construction machinery, which includes their impressive range of crawler excavators.

Their model range is extensive, so these are just some examples of the most popular models:

  • DX140LC-5
  • DX140LCR-5
  • DX225LC-5
  • DX300LC-5
  • DX300LC-7



Doosan DX140LC-5 Excavator

The DX140LC-5 model sets the standards for this type of excavator with the latest generation model showing performance improvements including a 5% increase in engine power and 4% greater torque over the previous model. Traction has also been boosted with an increase in drawbar pull of about 18% and an increase in front lifting capacity.It also benefits from 3% less fuel consumption thanks to the Perkins 1204F engine, which provides the power and torque of larger engines with a smaller displacement. It also guarantees trouble-free operation by meeting Stage IV emission regulations without the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF).


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Doosan DX140LCR-5 Excavator

The DX140LCR-5 takes even the heaviest tasks in stride with efficient, dependable performance that saves you time and money:

  • Improved hydraulic system uses the engine power more effectively, maximising pump output and offering more comfort, smoothness and accuracy.
  • Increased digging power, lifting capacities and traction force combine for performance you can rely on, day after day.
  • Greater fuel efficiency means you can keep costs down and reduce environmental impact.


Click to read the Doosan DX140LCR-5 Crawler Excavator Brochure.

Doosan DX225LC-5 Excavator

In comparison with other 21-tonne machines, the new DX225LC-5 offers some major advantages in terms of reliability, power and performance.

Powered by the proven 6-cylinder, turbocharged Doosan DL06 water-cooled diesel engine, which operates at lower revs than other 4-cylinder machines, the DX225LC-5 is even more reliable over time than fast-running machines. The DX225LC-5 also gives you more traction force, more slew torque and higher lifting capacity than other 21-tonne machines.

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Doosan DX300LC-5 Excavator

Doosan’s 30-tonne DX300LC-5 crawler excavator is Stage IV-compliant and features a distinctive new machine styling scheme moving the model forward from the previous LC-3 generation.

As well as enhanced comfort and controllability, the new features with the new “-5” model help to boost fuel efficiency, uptime and return on investment whilst focusing on delivering increased power, robustness and agility.

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Doosan DX300LC-7 Excavator

The DX300LC-7 offers an unmatched combination of high performance, operating features, fuel efficiency, reliability and durability in the 30 tonne excavator class. The new DX300LC-7, build on the very successful design of the previous Stage IV machines. The new LC-7 excavators introduce major enhancements in operator comfort, machine controllability, productivity, uptime and return on investment, with a strong focus on low fuel consumption, increased power, robustness and versatility.

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