Doosan Wheel Loaders

The Doosan wheel loader range is available from our branches in the North East – Newcastle and Bishop Auckland, whose area stretches down to the M62 in Yorkshire and across to Hull –

The range is extensive, covering the models below, so we have provided more detail on the most popular models, but should you require further information on any other model, please contact your local Lloyd Ltd branch.


Models Operating Weight Bucket Capacity Engine Type Breakout Force Standard Tyres
DL200-5 11.640kg 1.9m3 Perkins 4.5 100kN 20.5 R25
DL200TC-5 11.640kg 1.9m3 Perkins 4.5 100kN 20.5 R25 L3
DL220-5 12.365kg 2.2m3 DL06 102kN 20.5 R25
DL250-5 13.545kg 2.4m3 DL06 107kN 20.5 R25
DL250TC-5 14.215kg 2.4m3 DL06 102kN 20.5 R25 (L3)
DL280-5 15.682kg 2.7m3 DL06 145kN 20.5 R25 (L3)
DL300-5 18.708kg 3.0m3 DL08 169kN 23.5 R25 (L3)
DL350-5 19.625kg 3.5m3 DL08 165kN 23.5 R25 (L3)
DL420-5 22.930kg 4.2m3 Scania DC13 210kN 20.5 R25 (L3)
DL420CVT-5 23.080kg 4.2m3 Scania DC09 210kN 26.5 R25 (L3)
DL450-5 25.730kg 4.5m3 Scania DC13 231kN 26.5 R25 (L3)
DL550-5 31.585kg 5.4m3 Scania DC13 247kN 29.5 R25 (L5)
DL580-5 31.585kg 5.4m3 Scania DC13 225kN 29.5 R25 (L5)

Doosan DL200TC-5 Wheel Loader

Compact and robust, the Doosan DL200-5 wheel loader provides excellent manoeuvrability in narrow and confined spaces and, with the impressive selection of attachments available, it can handle a very wide range of applications, including work in sand pits, concrete plants, road construction, water and sewer projects, waste management and recycling, agriculture, foods and industry.

Key features:

  • Stage IV-compliant Perkins 1204F 142Hp engine without DPF.
  • Combination of softness and power.
  • 3 engine modes to suit your application needs perfectly.
  • Available with 3 types of lift arm (Z-Bar, High Lift or Tool Carrier) − combining versatility with exceptional strength to perform at the highest level.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability in confined spaces.
  • Spacious and comfortable cab: Generous head room and an ultra-comfortable, fully adjustable, heated, double air suspension seat (vertical and horizontal).


Click to read the Doosan DL200-5 Wheel Loader Brochure.

Doosan DL300-5 Wheel Loader

Exceptional power – combined with the finest workmanship – results in a machine that performs at the highest level. The Doosan DL300-5 Wheel Loader enhances your output from every angle:

  • Impressive breakout force and high traction make penetration easy and allow you to tackle the hardest materials.
  • Powerful hydraulic system makes work quick and efficient.
  • New Doosan DL08 275Hp engine with SCR technology provides the power you need while meeting Stage IV environmental regulations.
  • You can select from 3 different working modes: ECO, Normal and Power, while the Power-up function lets you switch the machine into a higher working mode with lower transmission shift intervals by fully applying the acceleration pedal.
  • The combination of these features gives Doosan wheel loaders excellent penetration power, ensuring optimum bucket load in each cycle.


Click to read the Doosan DL300-5 Wheel Loader Brochure.

Doosan DL350-5 Wheel Loader

With the new Doosan DL08 275hp engine,Doosan DL350-5 wheel loader delivers impressive performance thanks to features which provide higher efficiency engine output for up to 20% fuel savings:

  • Powershift transmission with optimised hydraulic pumps, multiple power modes, Z-bar lift arm, return to dig, and limited-slip differentials on both front and rear axles.
  • Auto-Idle and Auto-Shut-Down functions to reduce fuel consumption and your operational costs.
  • Multiple cab improvements including class-leading visibility, air con, improved steering column, and ergonomically-placed FnR joystick controls.
  • Right-hand control stand integrated into the seat assembly for increase controllability.
  • 3-year subscription to Doosan Telematics for remote monitoring of equipment to reduce operational costs.

Also includes:

  • Auto greasing system
  • Rear view camera
  • 5 Gear Powershift
  • Grammer seat

Click to read the Doosan DL350-5 Wheel Loader Brochure.

Doosan DL420-5 Wheel Loader

Powered by a powerful Stage IV diesel engine, the Doosan DL420-5 wheel loader offers long uptime, generous torque at low rpm, good fuel economy and excellent engine response, thanks to features include:

  • Powered by SCANIA diesel engines optimised for use with high-pressure common-rail fuel for optimum efficiency.
  • Selectable engine modes (ECO, Normal and Power) to optimise machine response.
  • Auto-Idle & Auto-Shut-Down functions to reduce fuel consumption and your operational costs.
  • Automatic limited-slip differential to enable work under any conditions and to prevent tyre wear.
  • 3-year subscription to Doosan Telematics for remote monitoring of equipment to reduce operating costs.

Also includes:

  • Rear view camera
  • 5 Gear Powershift
  • Grammer seat

Click to read the Doosan DL420-5 Wheel Loader Brochure.

2 years’ 0% finance on Doosan wheel loaders

We are currently offering 2 years’ 0% finance on Doosan wheel loaders.  Click here for full details.

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