Toyota Materials-Handling Machinery

Lloyd Ltd is delighted to announce that we are now a Toyota Forklift Truck Dealer, selling their full range of materials-handling equipment across the north of England and south of Scotland.

The range includes:


For more information contact our Forklift Sales Specialist, Andy Thomas.

Toyota Engine-Powered Forklift Trucks

With load capacities from 1,300kg to 8,000kg and lift heights from 4,700mm to 7,000mm, the Toyota Tonero is a versatile family of engine-powered counterbalanced trucks suitable for all applications. They offer stability and productivity during these light to heavy-duty outdoor applications, and provide driver comfort as well as outstanding all-round visibility thanks to the wide range of cabins.

  • Ideal for light to heavy-duty outdoor material handling applications
  • Powerful and reliable Toyota industrial LPG engine
  • Excellent visibility of the fork tips at any height for safe and confident driving and load handling
  • Unmatched truck stability.

The range covers:

  • Torque Convertor Series
  • Hydrostatic Transmission Series
  • High-Tonnage Series


Toyota Powered Pallet Trucks

Manoeuvrable and robust, the range covers load capacities from 1,300kg to 3,500kg with different approaches:

  • Pedestrian Powered Pallet Trucks: BT Levio W-series.
  • Platform Powered Pallet Trucks: BT Levio P-series.
  • Stand-In Powered Pallet Trucks: BT Levio S-series.
  • Rider-Seated Powered Pallet Trucks: BT Levio R-series.


Toyota Powered Stackers

Compact and manoeuvrable stackers, the Toyota Staxio range is versatile and designed for light to heavy-duty operations.

  • Pedestrian: BT Staxio W-series
  • Platform: BT Staxio P-series
  • Retractable mast: BT Staxio XR(D)-series
  • Stand-in & Rider-seated: BT Staxio S & R-series


Toyota Order Pickers

From light-duty low level to high-level picking, with lift heights of up to 11,137mm  and load capacities from 750kg to 1,250kg, the Toyota Order Picker range includes:

  • Light-Duty Low Level: BT Optio N-series
  • Low-Level Picking: BT Optio L-series
  • Medium-Level Picking: BT Optio M-series
  • High-Level Picking:  BT Optio H-series



Toyota Reach Trucks

Covering a host of applications, the Toyota Reach Truck range covers load capacities from 750kg to 2,500kg and lift heights from 8,000mm to 13,000mm.

  • High Performance: BT Reflex R- series
  • Tilting Cab: BT Reflex E-series
  • Narrow Space: BT Reflex N-series
  • Multi-Directional: BT Reflex F-series
  • Indoor & Outdoor: BT Reflex O-series

Toyota Electric Counterbalanced Trucks

Toyota Towing Tractors

Covering load capacities from 750kg to 8,000kg, the Toyota Towing Tractor range include:

  • Pedestrian: Tracto W-series
  • Stand-In: Tracto N/S-series
  • Rider-Seated: Tracto R-series and Simai models
  • High Towing Capacity: Tracto R-series and heavy-duty Simai range


Toyota Very Narrow Aisle Trucks

With load capacities from 750kg to 1,500kg and lift heights from 6,700mm to 11,000mm, the Toyota Very Narrow Aisle Truck range includes:

  • Man-Down: BT Vector R-series
  • Man-Up VNA: BT Vector C-series
  • Man-Up Compact: BT Vector A-series


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