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At Lloyd Ltd we understand the importance of technology in supporting farming today, which is why we have invested not only in New Holland’s Precision Land Management (PLM) solutions with specialists to help and advise, but also have developed our own RTK network to deliver those solutions direct to our customers.

The displays available offer differing levels of functionality:

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New Holland PLM Magazine

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Informative data

New Holland’s PLM solutions offer a wide range of functionality depending on your individual requirements. With 360° PLM information and management, all parameters can be monitored at a glance, including guidance and the most advanced yield and moisture mapping functions.

FM750 Multi-Functional Guidance Display

Offering key precision agriculture functionality and compatible with a wide range of accuracy levels, the FM750 has a 8-inch easy-to-use display that runs a range of applications including auto guidance, automatic section control, two variable rate prescriptions, seed monitoring, and yield monitoring.

The FM-750™ display can be fitted to a range of machines, and integrated into most brands of tractor and harvesting machinery with an EZ-Pilot, EZ-Steer, Auto Pilot steering system.

Ultra-Wide XCN-2050 Display

Build on the Android™ operating system, the ultra-wide XCN-2050™ display is a high-definition display, with multi-touch operation and features an easy-to-use interface.
It has a 12.1 inch wide-screen display that has been designed to ensure full integration with advanced PLM technology including yield and moisture sensing, as well as a whole range of other precision guidance applications.

IntelliView™ III Display

This 7-inch colour touchscreen display that controls key equipment functions as well as precision applications such as auto guidance.
The IntelliView™ III display communicates directly with the IntelliSteer® system together with the machine’s CAN Bus, and displays key operating parameters in real time on just one screen.

IntelliView™ IV Display

New Holland’s IntelliView™ IV display is an intuitive, color touchscreen display that can be factory-integrated in numerous models of New Holland equipment.

Key features:

  • Large 10.4-inch touchscreen display that not only controls key equipment functions, but also precision applications such as auto guidance, as-applied mapping, and is ISOBUS compatible for implement control.
  • Single display for controlling machine functions and controlling precision applications.
  • Customize run screens to operator’s preference.
  • Dual Display: ability to run two IntelliView IV displays together to visualize multiple windows at once.

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