Fertiliser Spreaders

Amazone’s range of fertiliser spreaders covers a wide variety of requirements to ensure there is the perfect model for your needs.

The model range comprises:

  • ZA-X Perfect Mounted Spreader
  • ZA-M Mounted Spreader
  • ZA-V Mounted Spreader
  • ZA-TS Mounted Spreader
  • ZG-B Trailed Spreader
  • ZG-TS Trailed Spreader

ZA-X Perfect Mounted Spreaders

The ZA-X is a compact hopper with a low filling height and a capacity of 600 – 1750 litres, producing an accurate spread pattern at working widths of 10 – 18 metres.


Click to read the Amazone ZA-X Spreader Brochure.

ZA-M Mounted Spreaders

The ZA-M twin-disc broadcaster, in hopper capacities up to 3,000 litres and spreading widths of up to
36m, is the ideal machine for both farming enterprises and contractors alike and places great value on
safety and reliability. The slow-turning, high capacity agitation system and the reduced disc speeds
ensure an even, granule-protecting fertiliser flow.


Click to read the Amazone ZA-M Spreader Brochure.

ZA-V Mounted Spreaders

The ZA-V mounted spreader is available in hopper capacities from 1,400 to 4,200 l and impresses with its high operational speeds of up to 30 km/h. Thanks to a high spreading capacity of up to 390 kg/min and working widths of up to 36 m, it can achieve exceptionally high acreage outputs.

ISOBUS communication, weighing system, the hydraulic or electric Limiter V or V+ border spreading systems plus the many other optional extras make the ZA-V one of the most modern fertiliser spreaders in its class.


Click to read the Amazone ZA-V Spreader Brochure.

ZA-TS Mounted Spreaders

The ZA-TS mounted spreader is available in hopper capacities from 1,400 to 4,200 l and is equipped with the new TS spreading system, which enables working widths of up to 54 m with, simultaneously, excellent border spread patterns making the ISOBUS ZA-TS spreaders one of the top-performing spreaders.

The reliable weighing system, the precise AutoTS and ClickTS border spreading systems, the innovative ArgusTwin and WindControl technologies and also the many other options set this fertiliser spreader a class apart.


Click to read the Amazone ZA-TS Spreader Brochure.

ZG-B Trailed Spreaders

Amazone‘s ZG-B range of high-output bulk fertiliser spreaders offers the efficient and ecological application of mineral fertilisers and earth moist fertilisers.

All models have certain features in common: they offer the best possible spreading accuracy, maximum
reliability, and are easy and convenient to operate, which makes them ideal for use by large farms,
agricultural contractors, or in farming cooperatives.

Different specification variants and a comprehensive range of accessories make Amazone fertiliser spreaders the obvious first choice for any operation.


Click to read the Amazone ZG-B Spreader Brochure.

ZG-TS Trailed Spreaders

The new ZG-TS 01 trailed spreader, in hopper capacities of either 7,500 l or 10,000 l, is capable of working widths of up to 54 m and operational speeds of up to 30 km/h, thus providing the means for even higher outputs.

The integrated AutoTS border spreading system and GPS-Switch automatic part-width section control of up to 128 part-width sections allows for very precise spreading results. The on-line ProfisPro weighing system ensures the continuous monitoring of the application rate, and the ArgusTwin monitors the pattern for the perfect lateral distribution even with changeable fertiliser or adverse weather conditions.


Click to read the Amazone ZG-TS Spreader Brochure.

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