Sports Pitch Maintenance

As groundcare machinery sales and aftersales specialists we ensure that our range of machinery and solutions covers a host of applications and related areas to meet as many of our customers’ needs as possible.

Sports pitches require specialised equipment so we have partnered with GKB Machines and SISIS to deliver suitable solutions.

A family-owned company like Lloyd Ltd, GKB Machines has developed innovative maintenance machines for sports pitches since 1985, and is focused on sustainability by producing their machines as

For over 80 years SISIS has been designing and manufacturing a range of professional groundcare equipment which is ideal for the maintenance of sports and amenity turf and artificial playing surfaces.

Our range of sports pitch maintenance machines includes:


GKB Combinator

Do your natural grass sport pitches not meet your requirements? With the Combinator you are in possession of a multi-functional fraise mowing machine. You can use the CombiRotor with three types of blades or chisels.

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GKB Infill Remover

The Infill Remover works with an unique brush, which is adjustable in stiffness. In this way it is possible to work both on new pitches as well as on heavily-compacted ones. Dependent on the pitch, it is possible to remove the complete layer of infill in one operation.


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GKB Sandspreader

The Sandspreader has been developed and produced in GKB’s Dutch, energy-neutral industrial plant. All materials used are of premium quality. Take, for example, the S355 MC steel and Bucher hydraulics. The choice of these derives from the experience of their contractor division. Their machines can take a few knocks!

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GKB Ecodresser

With the Ecodresser you are in possession of the ultimate machine for the maintenance of sports pitches or golf courses. Multiple operations are combined in one. The turf is intensively aerated (20 cm deep). At the same time as the dressing is applied to the upper layer, the sub layer is aerated.

Click here to read the GKB EcoDresser Brochure.

SISIS Multislit

The SISIS Multislit is a tractor-mounted deep-slitting lawn aerator for sports field maintenance, fine turf and amenities, offering deep, clean penetration with minimal surface disturbance. Suitable for maintaining football, soccer rugby and cricket pitches and golf courses, it can also be used for lawns and gardens. Due to the angle of the tines and spiral design of tine shaft assist penetration, the Multislit produces excellent underground cultivation and its simple design requires little maintenance.

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SISIS Towed Implement Frame

Ideal for towing behind small compact tractors when hydraulic lift is not available.

The system can use implements singly or in pairs by using the optional extension arms.

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SISIS Dart Pedestrian Aerator

The SISIS Dart is an independently powered vertical action aerator ideal for sports field maintenance as well as grass lawns and amenities. It is ideal for maintenance as a bowling green aerator and a cricket aerator.
Aeration is crucial for improving drainage, reducing turf compacting, thatch build up and increasing the health of lawns and the Dart is an ideal tool for outstanding turf and lawn treatment.It has a maximum working depth of 100mm (4 inches), a wide range of interchangeable tines and is designed to be easy to handle.
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SISIS Flexibrush

Ideal for regular brushing maintenance over large areas, the wide working width consists of three sections with angled brushes and will help to keep the infill mobile, maintaining a consistent level and helping to avoid any significant effect on ball bounce.
Brushing should be light but aggressive enough to stand up the pile and move the infill. Also ideal for brushing in top dressing.
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SISIS Litamisa 1800

This tractor-mounted sweeper and collector for collecting a wide range of surface debris from large areas. Effective sweeping brushes lend itself well to sports field maintenance and amenities. It is suitable for maintenance of golf courses, football, soccer rugby, cricket pitches, lawns and gardens.

Sweepers are essential to clear large areas of debris and materials including leaves, pine needles, litter and thatch as part of ground maintenance and turf care. The SISIS Litamisa is ideal for sweeping requirements, from large sports fields to gardens and extensive lawns.

The SISIS Litamisa has a spiral design brush for improved collection, a hydraulic tip facility for easy emptying and a large capacity hopper. It follows ground contours and is simple to use and maintain.

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SISIS Auto Rotorake Mk. 5

This self-propelled heavy duty scarifier and de-thatcher for removal and control of thatch on fine and other quality turf. It is ideally suited to a range of applications from sports field maintenance to synthetic turf maintenance, lawns and amenities. It can be used as a bowling green scarifier and a cricket scarifier for maintaining artificial pitches, bowling greens, croquet lawns, tennis courts, cricket pitches, golf courses, lawns and gardens.
Its contra-rotating reel has specially designed tipping blades for clean, consistent cut and maximum thatch removal to ensure excellent lawn care when the time comes to scarify.
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