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Designed to get more output from less feed, KEENAN’s range of diet feeders has a solution for every livestock farm whatever the size, from its MechFiber mixer-wagons and self-propelled models to their vertical augers.

Learn more below about their:

  • MechFiber range
  • Self-propelled model
  • Vertical Auger range
  • KEENAN Controller
  • Refurbished KEENAN machines


KEENAN MechFiber Machines

The KEENAN MechFiber machines are unique in the proven nutritional benefits they deliver. Each MechFiber mixer-wagon is engineered to use a gentle mixing action to produce a light, fluffy feed, which is never over or under mixed.

The MechFiber range is available from 8-28 cubic metres and can be broken down into:

  • Small models – MechFiber 270, 300 and 320
  • Medium models – MechFiber 345 and 350
  • Large models – MechFiber 365, 370, 380 and 400

Key features include:

  • Unique two-chamber system design with a Variable Feed Control door that separates chambers during mixing.
  • Paddle system of 6 angled paddles to give end-to-end mixing ensuring a consistent tumbling action.
  • Simple Drive System with low power requirement and low tractor running speed for up to 50% lower fuel usage.
  • Chopping mechanism designed to ensure no damage to the fibre content of forages.


The all-new MechFiber365+

Launched in March 2022, the new KEENAN MechFiber365+ diet feeder takes the already impressive MechFiber model to the next level.

The all-new KEENAN MechFiber365+ is in the large-sized range, feeding 100-140 dairy cows per load or 200-280 beef finishers. It comes with a heavy-duty sealed oil-bath drive system which is self-lubricating for ease of maintenance. A central greasing manifold allows all front bearings to be greased from one location.

Click here to read the brochure.

KEENAN Self-Propelled Diet Feeder

This MechFiber345SP self-propelled model can consistently deliver the patented KEENAN MechFiber mix, with a capacity of 16 cubic metres to meet the requirements of farms of all sizes.

Key features include:

  • Heavy-duty sealed oil bath drive system
  • Exclusive Storti mechanical transmission, reducing fuel consumption by up to 25 percent
  • Cutter head designed and tested to ensure protection of forage structure for optimum mix quality
  • Ultimate in operator comfort and control with twin video cameras and in-cab monitor for visibility, climate control (optional) and pneumatic seat
  • Reduced noise and running costs
  • Left and right front discharge via adjustable conveyor for homogeneous distribution of total mixed ration (TMR)
  • Available with the new lnTouch Controller, providing the optimum in TMR management and feed efficiency


Click to read KEENAN MechFiber Self-Propelled Feeder Brochure.

Vertical Auger Range

KEENAN’s Vertical Auger range is designed to work daily under tough conditions, so combines strength, reliability and the ability to handle all feeds. There are a host of standard features which ensure you get everything you need, including:

  • Heavy-duty augers with long-lasting tungsten-coated blades.
  • Front right-hand side and rear left-hand side discharge doors with trays for dual feedout.
  • Two additional blades located at the top of each auger for faster bale processing.
  • Inspection platform for viewing the mix.
  • Hydraulic brakes (air brakes from 30 cubic upwards)
  • Sprint paddles to help ensure quick feedout
  • Two-speed gearbox with mechanical cable adjustment to switch speeds.
  • Hay ring to prevent material overflow.

The Vertical Auger range can be broken down into:

  • Small models – VA2-18, VA2-24,
  • Medium models – VA2-21, VA2-24L
  • Large models – VA2-30, VA2-33, VA3-44


Click to read the KEENAN Vertical Auger Mixer Wagon Brochure.

The KEENAN Controller

Their latest innovation – the KEENAN Controller – takes the approach to feed to a whole new level.  Although KEENAN do offer a nutrition support service this is not essential to get the most from the machines so, if you prefer, you can use an independent nutritionist to help manage your feed requirements.

Thanks to the KEENAN Controller, your nutritionist is able to send instructions on the feed mix remotely to the Controller, including how long to mix it for, ensuring that the approach is the same every time.  The InTouch Daily TMR Manager software then enables the farmer and nutritionist to see what has been used and to keep track of costs, as well as providing detailed graphs and reports on ingredients used, feed costs, herd productivity and feeding accuracy.

Refurbished Diet Feeders

We are proud to represent KEENAN for their impressive range of mixer wagons, which is why we also have a selection of refurbished feeders, which offer massive savings on new machines with all the benefits of their innovations and features.

Covering all models in KEENAN’s range excluding the recently-launched MechFiber SP, these refurbished machines come with:
– warranty
– competitive finance options

Contact your local Lloyd Ltd branch to find out more about what we have available.

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