Slurry Equipment

Managing slurry/manure safely and effectively is an essential part of livestock farming.  At Lloyd Ltd we offer a variety of solutions, from tankers to dribble bars, to ensure that you have what you need to deliver the necessary profitability and productivity for your farm.

Our slurry equipment range includes:


SlurryKat Super Tankers

SlurryKat has developed its Super Tanker and Panterra ranges over the years, focused on its aim of becoming the builder of the best slurry tankers in the world.

The Super Tanker range is specifically designed for the spreading technology system which is mounted on the back of the tanker in order to ensure productivity and profitability. The chassis and spreading technology have been merged in a unique way so that the slurry tanker fully complements the overall system.

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SlurryKat Panterra Tankers

SlurryKat’s Panterra tanker has been developed to offer a lower specification tanker range for less intensive users while still maintaining SlurryKat’s renowned build quality and reliability. This means you can own a prestige SlurryKat tanker at a lower cost while still enjoying high residuals, and the usual exceptional smoothness and efficiency in the toughest operating conditions.

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SlurryKat Trailing Shoe Injectors

Slurrykat’s unique design of trailing shoe has built on over a decade of experience and is designed mainly for use on grassland and arable land for applying slurry to the soil surface with minimum contamination to the plant leaves.

Made up of a single beam frame carrying steering shoe elements which are fixed at 215mm (8.5”) spacings, each element has a steering of -15/+15deg, which allows constant application of the slurry while turning around curves. The elements are fitted with a self sharpening share which parts the plant leaves, thus  allowing slurry to be delivered to the soil surface via a rubber injection cone, which is positioned directly behind the share to achieve a uniform line of slurry on the soil surface, which in turn reduces nitrogen losses by up to 80% compared with the original splash plate method.

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SlurryKat Dribble Bars, Pumps and Reelers

Most slurry is land spread by the splash plate method but this can result in up to 80% of the available Nitrogen (N) applied in the slurry being lost to the atmosphere in the form of ammonia, which reduces nutrients and increases pollution. A basic concept to minimise such losses is to reduce the surface area of the spread slurry that is exposed to the air.

SlurryKat recommend the use of DODA pumps with their systems, as they have proven that they are efficient, robust and economic to maintain, with the ratio of slurry pumped to the fuel consumption amongst the most efficient available today. The three main models available are: L27, L35 and HD35.


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SlurryKat Mixing Systems

SlurryKat’s mixing systems have been designed to overcome the problems of mixing larger lagoons and to out-perform other mixers in the market by operating more efficiently, more reliably and more quickly.

Their Maxi Slurry Mixer range handles agitations with ease, even when the lagoon has a thick grass-infested crust.  With its fully galvanised construction and oil-bathed drive, the Maxi Slurry Mixer is totally maintenance-free, ensuring many years of trouble-free service.  All vital parts are manufactured in corrosion-free stainless steel and mixers can be supplied in a variety of lengths:

  • Lengths 6-12 metres
  • Power Inputs from 80-300 HP
  • “Over the Top” tower models up to 8 metres high
  • BioGas digester mixing solutions

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Greencrop Slurry Equipment

Greencrop’s range of products for handling slurry and effluent, include:


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