21-plate tractor from Lloyd Ltd Carlisle keeps local GPs on the move

Lloyd Ltd Carlisle recently delivered a new 21-plate New Holland T5.105 tractor to Castlegate & Derwent Surgery & Pharmacy to replace the previous model which they have been using to tow Lloyd Ltd’s hospitality unit to provide Outreach Health Services around the local area.  This innovative approach to getting Health and Wellbeing support out to more rural communities was incredibly successful at the start of the pandemic as it enabled the practice to give over 3,000 flu jabs across the area and  Drive-Through Flu Services.  It also meant that GPs themselves, could get out to more isolated patients when the snow hit. Patients were reassured with the knowledge that home visits were operational, despite the weather.

Such was the success of this approach that Rachel Edwards, Castlegate’s Prescribing Support Lead & Pharmacy Hybrid Manager, applied for further funding and this has recently been approved to the delight of Rachel and her colleagues.  “Being able to get our services out to our customers during COVID-19 has been such a relief both for our staff and our patients. It has enabled us to provide extended operations into the community. Having this new funding for our outreach activities means that we can now offer even more community support, from mental health-related activities to the next round of flu jabs. Lloyd Ltd have provided us with a fantastic solution to the challenge of rural medicine, an outreach to new communities, our agricultural sector and we are delighted to have Lloyd Ltd as a local partner to work with, an outstanding contribution to the NHS.”



Mark Dixon, Dealer Principal for Lloyd Ltd Carlisle, added: “The work that the NHS does is incredible so to be able to provide any support to them means a lot to us all here at Lloyd Ltd.  As one of the biggest New Holland dealers in the country, we obviously have tractors readily available so with the new 21-plate coming out and the increased workload planned by the Castlegate team, now seemed the right time to replace their current machine so everything is ready for them to go out and about.  To have this partnership with one of our local GP surgeries to support the rural community is really special and we are proud to be able to work with them.”