After a successful 2023 across Lloyd Ltd, Dealer Principals John Marston and Jonathan Bell have started 2024 with a new challenge as they have swapped branches.

John has enjoyed his first year as a Dealer Principal, driving the branch at Penrith and beginning the expansion of Lloyd Ltd’s New Holland territory into Lancashire, while Jonathan has built on his experience as Penrith’s former Dealer Principal to grow the Carlisle branch.  Both of them have moved their branches forward, working well with their teams, customers and suppliers to deliver impressive growth for the business.

Location was at the heart of the decision for them to swap roles, as John lives near Carlisle and covered the local area as an Agricultural Sales Specialist for the Carlisle branch for a number of years.  Similarly, Jonathan lives near Appleby and worked for several years as an Agricultural Sales Specialist for the Penrith branch before becoming their DP for the first time in July 2020.

This swap will enable both of them to focus on areas they know best as well as give them a better work-life balance with a reduced commute.  John (pictured right) commented, “I have greatly enjoyed my time at the Penrith branch and I would like to thank the team and customers who have been very supportive as I adapted to my role as Dealer Principal.  The move back to Carlisle gives me an ideal opportunity to work with former colleagues and customers again with a new perspective.  I’ve got a young family too so being able to be home that bit earlier will make a big difference to my life outside work.  It’s another exciting challenge and I’m enjoying it already!”

Jonathan (pictured left) added, “I’m really pleased to be back working with our Penrith team although I will miss the Carlisle staff as we had a really great year in 2023, as did the company as a whole.  Knowing the branch and the local area as I do, I’m looking forward to continuing the growth that John delivered last year and to capitalising on the opportunity that the extended New Holland territory in Lancashire will create.  It is not the longest of journeys to Carlisle and back, but doing it on a daily basis does take its toll so I am pleased to be more on my doorstep and to seeing familiar faces.  Thank you to the Carlisle customers and staff for all your support – I’m sure our paths will cross again.  Now to begin the adventure back at Lloyd Ltd Penrith!”

George Lloyd, Managing Director, added, “Both John and Jonathan have proven that they are more than capable Dealer Principals, which is why we have made this decision as we know that it will be business as usual for both branches as they both bring plenty of experience and knowledge to their roles.  Enabling them to be more local to where they live works well for them, their teams, their customers and the business so it was a no-brainer to swap.  I wish them every success as they make the change and look forward to seeing them continue the growth and development that they began last year.”