We are delighted to welcome Toby Quinn to the Lloyd Ltd Penrith team as an Agricultural Sales Specialist covering Lloyd Ltd Penrith’s new area down into Lancashire.

From the Garstang area, Toby is from a farming background, initially working as a contractor when he left school and then recently doing a five-month stint buckraking in New Zealand.

“When I came back I was wanting to cut back from contracting hours but still work with machinery.  I saw this Sales role advertised at Lloyd Ltd and it seemed the ideal opportunity.  My family have previously bought tractors and other machinery from Lloyd Ltd so it was a company I knew well and I knew it would be a very good job to have.  The team at Lloyd Ltd have been very welcoming and I’m getting to know my way around things.  I’m looking forward to getting out and about and meeting customers across my area.  It’s an exciting opportunity to help grow the business in a new territory.”

Toby can be contacted on