The Value Of Relationships For Wilf Husband And Lloyd Ltd

At Lloyd Ltd we have many customers who have dealt with us for decades, which usually means we have built a relationship with more than one generation.  This is the case for Wilf Husband Topsoil & Aggregates in Houghton-le-Spring, where our Construction Sales Specialist Ray Chapman dealt with the company’s founder Wilf Husband for over 50 years, then his son, and most recently his daughter Janette.  Sadly, Wilf Sr and Wilfred Jr are both no longer with us, but Janette has taken on the business with great success and has her own daughter Naomi, nephew Keaton and niece Erin working with her as the company continues to thrive.

Wilf Husband has purchased several Doosan excavators from Ray over the years, but this latest addition – the Doosan DL 350-5 – is the first Doosan wheel loader they have bought.  Janette commented, “Ray and his team go way back with my Dad and we’ve always dealt with them.  We needed a new wheel loader and, after years of great back-up from the service team at Lloyd Ltd and the very high specification and competitive price of the Doosan, we decided to go with this new machine.  In recent weeks we have been extremely busy so it’s great that we chose this wheel loader which is bigger than our usual ones as it will be able to get the work done in half the time and improve our productivity.”

Janette added, “The service from Lloyd Ltd and Construction Plant before that has always been second to none.  Also, the personal touch Ray has done adding the tribute to my Dad and my brother on the new machine is really special.”

Ray commented, “Dealing with Wilf, Wilfred and now Janette for so long means you build up a really strong relationship and you want them to succeed, so it is excellent to see the business continuing to grow and invest in their own future.  I and the team here at Lloyd Ltd look forward to continuing to work with them for generations to come.”